Reasons to join Antalis

More than being part of a great team, there’s plenty of reasons to join Antalis…


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We believe that well engaged and well developed employees will deliver a great customer experience; so we strive every day to be an employer of choice. With Antalis, you can…

  • • …acquire new skills at all stages of your career path

We believe in personal growth. We develop individual training programmes for each of our employees and want to help you build your future within Antalis.

  • • …join a diversified Group that offers a wealth of job opportunities

We have a portfolio of over 200 brands in multiple market segments. That means we can offer many possible career moves, depending on your skills and experience.

  • • …work for a responsible and committed organisation

We strive to achieve sustainable growth, based on environmentally responsible practices, products, and processes.

  • • …operate in a truly international environment

Joining a market-leader with a global presence will give you the opportunity to work in various countries, anywhere in the world.

  • …benefit from a teamwork-based corporate culture

Teamwork is in our DNA. Our organisation revolves around this fundamental value. Everyday, we strive on collective work and cooperation.

  • …become a driver for success

Whatever you do in our organisation, your contribution as an individual and as a team member is essential to our collective performance.