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Antalis Visual Communication is a market leader in the distribution of large format media and hardware, represented in 28 countries.

Whether you are a brand manager, marketing director, communication manager, interior designer, set designer, exhibition designer, stand builder, sign maker or large format printer, Antalis Visual Communication is always available to guide you from training to product support. That sum of knowledge aims at producing visual emotions through all your printed materials with a strong commitment on bringing more eco-responsible solutions to the market.

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Spark changes and promote effectiveness

Because visual communication is always changing, redefining the materials available as well as producing new creative possibilities, our experts and partners scout the world for great ideas and innovative materials that have the potential to inspire the visual world of tomorrow. At Antalis Visual Communication, we share our knowledge and vision with our clients on a daily basis to keep on sparking changes and promote their effectiveness.

Why choose Antalis?

sustainable visual communicationSustainable Visual Communication

We are committed to positive change, and this means moving from fossil-heavy materials to recycled, recyclable and fibre-based signs, displays and interior decoration.


widest range of substratesThe widest range on the market

In collaboration with renowned manufacturers, we offer reliable, innovative solutions compliant with digital inkjet printing technologies that are tailored to your budget.


visualcom-vignettesMI2-Why-choose-Antalis.jpgCoala available in 28 countries

Our COALA brand, a full range of large format media for high-performance solutions at the best prices



Our partner brands

We have selected manufacturers with unique know-how and skills to guarantee compliance with standards and respect for the environment.


international presenceOur international presence

We have extensive experience with international customers, and we can provide you with bespoke offers with the same quality all over the world.

visual communication servicesOur wide range of services

Our visual communication experts are here to help with advice, training, and ICC colour profiles. Our efficient logistics offer standard delivery the day after you place your order.


Key figures (visual communication sector)


Represented in 28 countries
in the world


2,300 products


Over 29,000 customers


Over 103 distribution centres

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