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Antalis, helping you to open up a range of possibilities

Whether you're a printer, graphic designer, publisher, art director or work in marketing or communications, Antalis can help ease your lives. We'll help you choose the best product to meet your needs and enhance your printed communications.

Antalis has also developed a full array of services to support your business along the 'paper journey' - from the selection of your papers, to ordering receipt and storage. Let us help you.

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Why choose Antalis?

uk-print-brands_v2_600x400.jpgStrong brands

In collaboration with leading global manufacturers, Antalis has created a range of products to serve every requirement. Discover our key brands for coated, uncoated papers, envelopes, graphical boards, and self-adhesive media.

easy services uk mapInnovative services

Antalis has developed an array of value added services to ease customers’ life by helping them to select, order, receive and store papers, move their media into their own premises, help them to deal with waste paper and ship printed documents.


img-creative-2.jpgAn expert by your side

From Creative Paper Consultants, Digital Print Specialists and Technical Experts, to our nationwide team of Account Managers who have a level of experience that is the envy of the industry, we have you covered. Contact us to find out more...


Home-print-green.jpgGreen Connection

The Green Connection initiative delivers strong brands of recycled and eco-friendly papers, and services and tools, to guide Antalis customers on their sustainability journey. It highlights the important role of sustainable papers in companies Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

Home-print-creative.jpgCreative Power

Antalis strongly believes that choosing paper is a creative act. Papers contribute to the overall effectiveness of an idea and are not only part of the production process. That is why the Creative Power initiative has been developed, bringing together a large creative papers range and associated services to help customers in the choice of their papers.




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