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The premium sustainable substrate for digital printing

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is a wood-pulp board developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of rigid plastic for internal POS and display. Its unique composition leads to excellent flatness and prolonged stability in changing atmospheric conditions. It is fully recyclable in normal waste paper streams.

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is the premium alternative to synthetic substrates. With a unique, all natural wood pulp board core, KATZ DISPLAY BOARD hangs straighter than alternative signage products for longer periods of time. KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is laminated on both sides with a high white, low static liner that makes high quality printing easier than ever.


KATZ DISPLAY BOARD delivers excellent cutting results through static and oscillating knives, routing and die cutting. In addition to all of these benefits, KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, proving that going green doesn't cost you quality.

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is rated 4 stars on the Antalis Green Star System™ for Visual Communication and is certified for the HP Latex R Series.

Certified for HP latex ink FSC logo

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD characteristics

  • Liner - All natural paper with no chemicals, bleaches or harmful whitening agents. High white paper (96 points) with a matte finish for best printing and highest clarity of image. 
  • The Core - The unique solid core of KATZ DISPLAY BOARD resists warping and curling through the ability to handle changes in temperature and humidity. Core is not multi-ply and does not have a grain direction, making it lighter and stronger than composite materials such as styrene, foamboard and coroplast.
  • Glue - All-natural starch adhesive.



point of sale signage

Commonly used synthetic product:
PVC foam board


Green Star System - 2 star


green arrow

Replace with a paper-based
display board such as KATZ DISPLAY BOARD

Green Star System - 4 star

Versatile application options

Hanging signs/signage

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is the perfect choice for eye-catching signage and advertising boards that get your message across effectively and consistently.


POS/POP displays

From large display stands to flyer racks, KATZ DISPLAY BOARD makes it easy to implement creative point of sale solutions.

Katz Display Signage

Katz Window Display

Outdoor signage

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD Outdoor is the environmentally friendly alternative to PE-coated substrates as well as polypropylene fluted sheets for short term outdoor communication.


Shop & interior design

From shop window displays to model building, KATZ DISPLAY BOARD is a great choice for creating the very best impression of your brand and your products.

Advertising materials (flyers, postcards)

Handouts made from KATZ DISPLAY BOARD have a unique look and feel – their texture and appearance make a lasting impression.


Creative work/arts & crafts

KATZ DISPLAY BOARD caters to a wealth of creative applications from eye-catching craft materials to frameboard solutions.

Katz Signage on Trolleys



UV and Latex digital flat bed / silk screen printing / offset printing (1.18 mm)

Excellent print quality due to high white, high quality paper liner and unique product structure:

  • brilliant colours
  • very good saturation
  • good contrast
  • good contour and depth definition
  • best flatness and fast ink curing
  • printable on both sides
  • certified for HP Latex inks
  • extensive range of ICC profiles available

Katz Cutting table

Katz Creasing



Digital plotter / laser cutter / die-cutting / guillotine

Extensive processing guidelines available: cutting settings, tips for hanging etc



  • low weight, dimensionally stable
  • no electrostatic charge or discharge
  • easy disposal: production residues or printed end products are 100% recyclable in paper waste


Thickness g/m² Lamination
1.20mm 725 2 sides
1.60mm 910 2 sides
2.00mm 1125 2 sides
3.00mm 1495 2 sides
5.00mm 2320 2 sides


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