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Yupo – synthetic paper

100% recyclable and waterproof, Yupo tree-free synthetic papers are extremely versatile, durable and printable – qualities that make them the ideal solution for a wide range of marketing, design, packaging and labelling applications. Easy to apply, Yupo products can be installed without the need of a professional.


YUPOTako WKJ 250

Yupo Tako WKJ250 is a repositionable self-adhesive for applications on smooth or structured surfaces. Tako means ‘octopus’ in Japanese; like an octopus, YupoTako adheres to surfaces using its micro suction structure.

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YUPOTako XAD 1069

YUPO Tako XAD1069 is a white polypropylene film that sticks to flat surfaces without adhesive and leaves no residue.



YUPOJelly XAD 1068

Yupo Jelly XAD1068 is a clear, printable, polyester film with a unique micro-structure on the reverse side that sticks to flat surfaces without adhesive.