Contra Vision® - An unrivalled range of one-way vision products from the inventors

Contra Vision® perforated window films transform glass into opportunities for advertising, branding, privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features, while remaining see-through from the other side.


An unrivalled range of transparencies to suit every project

Every window is different, and so Contra Vision® offer an unrivalled range of perforated window films to guarantee the best results, including five transparency options, solutions for short or long-term, inside applied, night-time graphics and more.


Exclusive HD, the world’s best

The EXCLUSIVE Contra Vision® Performance HD range delivers the clearest and sharpest images of any One Way Vision product in the world, as well as noticeably improved see-through attributes compared to any alternative products.


24/7 One-way vision graphics

Need your graphics to work at night? Translucent White perforated window film enables see-through window graphics to be illuminated at night using (back) lighting from inside the window.


Inside Applied

Clear perforated window films are used for printing one-way vision graphics for application to the inside of windows.  This allows easier installs, protection from vandalism and weathering over time.


Cold weather application

Contra Vision® products offer an industry lowest application temperature and can be applied reliably at 4°C giving beautifully consistent applications in low temperatures with excellent removal qualities. This is considerably lower than most other perforated window films, which typically have minimum application temperatures of 10-15°C.