KAPA® - Making light work of creativity

For 50 years KAPA® has been the ultimate lightweight foam board. Its polyurethane foam core is manufactured using KAPA® unique foaming technology. With a choice of paper-based cover layers to offer solutions for a range of applications from model building to substrate for printing and display graphics and signage. The polyurethane core provides a high level of stiffness and heat-resistance. It is easy to cut (either manually or with a jig saw) without causing the foam to crumble.

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Kapafix 580x280.jpg


KAPA®fix is a lightweight foam board ideal for fast and easy manual or mechanical mounting.


Kapamount 580x280.jpg


KAPA®mount is a light weight foam board with aluminium reinforced liners and chromo board cover layers. It is ideal for screen printing is also suitable for mechanical lamination and wet lamination.

Kapa plast 580 x 280.jpg


KAPA®tex is a lightweight foam board with a high quality canvas-look surface.

Kapaline 580x280.jpg


KAPA®line is a lightweight foam board with high quality chromo substitute liners. It is the optimal substrate for screen printing and also for any painting techniques

Kapa plast 580x280.jpg


KAPA®plast combines bright white plastic coated cover layers with a polyurethane foam core. The surface provides excellent printing results.

Making a canvas frame from KAPA®tex