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DISPA® by 3A Composites is an environmentally friendly paper board available in three varieties, including an option for outdoor use. DISPA® offers a quality, sustainable alternative to plastics for impressive short-term displays and signage.

Bottle carrier made from DISPA

DISPA® delivers everything you would expect from a sign and display board – a paper board with optimal flatness, homogenous surface, excellent printability, rigidity and stability – and as a paper product, it is 100% recyclable.

DISPA® is available in three varieties:

  • In addition to the well-known 3.8 mm variety, DISPA® is available in 2.4 mm
  • DISPA® canvas features high quality covering sheets on both sides, to give a canvas appearance
  • DISPA®outdoor is the ideal display board for short-term outdoor applications and enhanced indoor application in wet environments

All products in the DISPA® range are made of made from FSC® certified paper.

The technology behind DISPA® gives it a unique core of embossed formed paper. Due to the patented manufacturing process, the composite structure with its smooth, bright white surfaces offers high quality results for printing with optimal flatness, rigidity and stability.

The manual processing of the material is efficient and easy, as is mechanically forming it into three-dimensional structures. The core system of DISPA® has mainly isotropic properties. Due to the evenly arranged hemispheres of the core, the characteristics of the panel remain equal for processing in all directions.

This also translates into higher quality printing results that don’t have the distracting read-through seen with fluted or corrugated materials.

DISPA Range image

Embossed Core Paper

Competing products, such as corrugated boards or fluted polypropylene sheets, are not able to offer the advantages of DISPA®, which can largely be used and processed in a direction-independent way, thus achieving a higher yield per panel by optimising waste.

One of the biggest differentiating advantages of DISPA® is its recyclability and its final disposal into the paper waste stream.



  • 100% paper
  • 100% recyclable - simple and inexpensive disposal as waste paper
  • Unique paper core - thanks to the non-directional core layer of DISPA®display boards, they provide optimal flatness and dimensional stability yet are still lightweight
  • Equally high level of rigidity - lengthwise and across - is one of the main advantages over corrugated cardboard
  • Outstanding printing results - the structure of the cores does not show through
  • Easy options for processing


CertificationsGREEN STAR SYSTEMHP Latex Inks certification

  • FSC-certified (FSC C127595)
  • DISPA® is rated 4 stars in the Antalis Green Star System™
  • The complete DISPA® range is certified for the HP Latex R Series


DISPA® is the ideal solution for:

  • Indoor promotion campaigns
  • Hanging ceiling-mounted signs
  • Display and POS/POP applications
  • DISPA®Outdoor - for short-term outdoor applications and signage