Need inspiration for the design of your next trade show exhibit? How can you ensure your stand captivates the attention of visitors?

Need inspiration for the design of your next trade show exhibit? How can you ensure your stand captivates the attention of visitors?

Be visible from afar

One of the most important aspects of exhibiting is perception. Deliver messages in an impactful way to increase foot traffic to your stand. You only get one chance to ensure your graphics are eye-catching, unambiguous and communicate FAST. Communicate on signs with as few words as possible. Think of it as a call to action.


Realisation exhibit group

Nowadays, the shape of hanging signs is no longer limited to a circle or rectangle. Tension fabric can stretch across frames that curve or sharply turn creating bold, geometric shapes. Whilst the exterior of the hanging sign most often identifies your brand, the inside or underside of the sign can be used for marketing messages. Coala Textile Stretch is the perfect textile media to create your own original hanging sign.

Another way to attract attention from afar is to use the show-stopping effect of a Coala Backlit. Well-designed backlit graphics attract the eye,  helping to quickly and clearly communicate. They are fully customisable, easy to handle and use, lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to transport. 

Do you prefer film or textiles?

Coala offers both materials to draw maximum attention to displays. Choose Coala Textile Backlit City or Coala Backlit film solutions for the best image quality.


Create your own event

Organising conferences on your stand is an easy way to increase traffic. Ask the exhibition organisers to promote your conference content and create a warm, intimate space for your audience. Hang a TV screen on the wall and arrange beanbag seating on the floor.

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Control reverberated noise

Don't forget to apply an acoustic textile on the conference wall. Sound-absorbing Coala Textile Sound Touch and Coala Textile Sound Line offer high acoustic absorption and help creating a productive environment.

img-graphic-builds-7.jpgCoala Textile  Sound Touch

Surprise your visitors


Magnetics solutions provide an easy way to display, remove, replace and overlap messages. They allow you to refresh the appearance of your stand in a flash, to the surprise and delight of visitors. If you intend on using your exhibition stand at more than one event, then magnetics are the solution for you: they're reusable, easy to transport and can be installed quickly.

Coala Magnetic Base Adhesives and Coala Ferro Films are available in a wide range of finishes.

Make Your Stand Unique

Visual appeal is key to providing attendees with a memorable experience. Digital printing technology associated with large format media enables the creation of impactful, unique and cost effective graphics. Express your vision, create your own messages, think differently and design a space that looks like you.

The Coala range is a toolbox to express your ideas: Floor graphics adhesives, Frontlit and backlit polyester films, Textile flags, Banners, Sound absorbing substrates, Photo papers, Canvas, Wallpapers, Rigid sheets, Foam boards and Aluminium composite panels.

In order to complement the Coala flexible media range, we also offer Coala System displays accessories: Roll-ups, Banners, Pop-ups, Displays, Frames and Lighting.