Smart packaging to meet your specific business challenge

We know that every business challenge is unique, this is why every day our Packaging Designers study, design and shape innovative packaging to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with Smart Solutions that cover everything from excellent product protection to improving consumer experience. Whether you’re packing, protecting, storing, dispatching or transporting, we believe that when goods are moved around they should remain in perfect condition throughout the entire production, transportation and storage chain.


With over 7,600 products available, Antalis delivers high quality, reliable and effective products, whilst also researching eco-friendly and innovative alternatives. We provide a complete offer of packaging with the very best in cardboard boxes, stretch films, adhesive tapes to cushioning and strapping materials combined with performance enhancing packaging systems.



img-consult.jpgMake an efficient use of stretch films, and cut costs for your unit load security.

Our standard product portfolio

Packaging-product-papers-boards.jpgPapers & Boards

Packaging paper and boards are ideal for wrapping, separating and covering your products to protect them during transit and storage.

Packaging-product-cushioning.jpgCushioning & Void Fill

A comprehensive range of paper and polythene related void fill packaging solutions, designed to provide impact protection and space saving opportunities.

Packaging-product-boxes.jpgBoxes & Pallets

At Antalis, we stock a wide range of FSC sourced containers and packaging boxes from cardboard boxes to fluted board.

Packaging-product-tapes-glues.jpgTapes & Glues

A wide range of packaging tapes and glues for effective parcel sealing.


Our range of postal packaging solutions cover protective envelopes, postal wraps, boxes and tubes; designed to protect your items during delivery.

Packaging-product-films.jpgPackaging Films

A wide range of hand and machine packaging films designed to hold goods securely on a pallet during transit.

Packaging-product-strapping.jpgStrapping and Pallet Protection

Strapping of various strengths (polypropylene or PET), for hand or machine application including accessories for secure strapping and edge protectors to help strengthen loads, providing stability for shipping.

Packaging-product-equipment.jpgPackaging Equipment

Machinery is available to support every step of your packaging distribution operation including pallet wrappers, case erectors, strapping equipment, fully bespoke solutions and more.

Packaging-product-customised-bags.jpgBags & Sacks

Our polythene bags offer a cost effective way to protect your goods. Ideal for every day, ecommerce and industrial use and are available with and without a grip seal.

Geami-580x280.jpgGreen Packaging Essentials

We offer packaging items that can be considered as either being made from recycled material, can easily be recycled or can be re-used. This also includes items that may help to reduce carbon footprint.

E Commerce BoxSpeciality E-commerce Packaging 

E-commerce businesses face specific challenges compared to traditional packaging solutions. We have created a range of products for our E-commerce customers. Much of our range is also fully recyclable helping you reach your sustainable goals.

Cold Chain Box ThumbnailCold Chain Solutions

A range of sustainable cold-chain solutions, suitable for the shipment of ambient, chilled & frozen perishable goods.  Strong, durable and efficient, these solutions can maintain consistent temperatures for up to 48hours.

The Plastic Packaging Tax

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Our own packaging brand


Master'in is Antalis’ own brand label, which benefits from our expertise and knowledge as a European leader in packaging solutions.  With the ability to meet every need in terms of packaging and budget, Master'in is the embodiment of Antalis' mission to create Smart Packaging Solutions for every company we work with.