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Green Card, comprehensive
environmental information

Green card,
comprehensive environmental information

When you are purchasing packaging there are many different environmental criteria to consider; this can be time-consuming and confusing with lots of conflicting information in the market.

To support your packaging decision making Antalis has developed the Green Card. The Green Card will: 

  • Provide comprehensive environmental information on packaging products.
  • Help you to evaluate the performance of products according to specific environmental criteria.


A card with complete environmental information

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Antalis environmental customer survey, a survey of 600 B2B customers, conducted in 2021 by Antalis in partnership with the IFOP institute, revealed today’s customers are seeking to adopt more environmentally friendly policies. The Green Card is built around the 4 major environmental challenges that our customers are facing.

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Under the UK REACH regulation (EU REACH for NI & Europe) Requires the identification and registration of chemical substances used, and hold valid registration for any products that fall under the regulations.

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% virgin bio-based material weight

% of PIR recycled material weight

% of PCR recycled material weight

Product reusability

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Carbon footprint

GHG emissions

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Certified resource

Other environmental information such as the production zone

All you need to know about the Green Card


The choice of eco-friendly
packaging is in your hands!

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