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Packaging Strapping & Pallet Protection

Packaging Strapping & Pallet Protection

Our range of strapping and pallet protection materials include hand and machine strapping bands and edge protectors. Available in polypropylene and polyester material, our strapping bands come in a selection of colours and strengths, and offer an alternative to stretchfilm for securing boxes during transit. Combined with the edge protectors to help strengthen loads and prevent damage.

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Expert Advice

Whatever your needs, our team of experts can help find the right solution for you

A complete equipment range

We offer a wide choice of strapping machines and equipment from many suppliers


Our solutions can help you optimise your costs and the efficiency of your packaging process.

Full solution

We can provide you with strapping equipment, systems and consumables adapted to your needs

Some of our services to improve your packaging


Machinery Solutions and Services

Our expert are here to take care of your machinery requirements from advice and machine delivery, to assembly, training and maintenance


Advice on Packaging Process Optimisation

Everyone in our team are packaging experts and understand key issues and trends when it comes to packaging. Using their knowledge and experience, our experts will assess your end-to-end packaging process to identify areas of improvement. They will recommend a solution that perfectly fits your business. This may involve cushioning and void fill packaging advice.