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Mail Room Solutions

Antalis Mail Room Solutions

Our range of postal packaging solutions includes protective envelopes, postal wraps, boxes and tubes, designed to get your products to your customers in perfect condition. With products from market leading brands such as Jiffy and Sealed Air, we offer secure and easy mailing and shipping solutions to protect products from damage in transit, whilst at the same time helping to reduce cost. Also suitable for bespoke printing for increased brand awareness.


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A complete solution

Covering envelopes, bags, postal wraps, boxes and tubes, we have a solution to suit you.


We have environmentally friendly and recyclable products available for you to choose from

Customised packaging

Packaging tailored to your product and bespoke printing for added brand awareness.


We work with suppliers to launch new products that reduce cost, without compromising on quality and protection

Some of our services to improve your packaging


Selecting eco-friendly Mail Room solutions

As well as offering environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we appreciate every country follows different legal regulations and requirements when it comes to packaging. We can help you make the right choice for your business, your customers and the environment.


Packaging Process Optimisation

Everyone in our team are packaging experts and understand key issues and trends when it comes to packaging. Using their knowledge and experience, our experts will assess your end-to-end packaging process to identify areas of improvement. They will recommend a solution that perfectly fits your business. This may involve cushioning and void fill packaging advice.