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A wide range of hand and machine packaging films designed to hold goods securely on a pallet during transit.
With the knowledge, experience and expertise within our team, we are able to assess and confirm the amount of film being used to wrap pallets, whilst also measuring the load retention properties of these materials.

As a business you may be under increased pressure to make efficient use of your stretch film and cut costs. The secret to reducing your film consumption per pallet is by using the right stretch film, while at the same time ensuring optimal protection and unit load security.

Our packaging films are characterised by their quality, resistance and reliability, whilst offering these materials at competitive rates. We are at the forefront of new product development for innovative stretch film products.

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Consultation and advice

We help you find the optimal solution for protection and unit load security.


Covering a variety of both stretch and shrink films, and equipment such as pallet wrapping machines.


Solutions to create cost and operational efficiencies.


Solutions to create cost and operational efficiencies.

Some of our services to help you improve your film usage


Advice on optimal stretch film usage

Today, stretch film is the best and most economical way of securing unit loads. The main challenge is to keep film consumption per pallet to a minimum by using the right stretch film while at the same time ensuring optimal unit load security. Here again, it is all about using the right film, equipment and optimal configuration. Our experts can help you find the best solution for you.


Advice on loading optimisation

Improving the packing of your loads can minimise damage, reduce fines and help you avoid delivery delays. Our experts will pinpoint opportunities to improve your packing process and recommend the best solutions for greater load security.