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Aluminium composite is a lightweight product used for interior and exterior signage and hoarding applications. Consisting of a lightweight polyethylene core faced with two thin sheets of aluminium and then stove enamelled, it has a printable surface which can be white or of differing colours/finishes

Dibond Butlerfinish Standard (0 Products)

plaques plastiques - Dibond Butlerfinish Standard

A range of aluminium composite sheets with an attractive brushed aluminium finish.

Dibond Digital (0 Products)

plaques plastiques - Dibond Digital

Dibond Digital is the first aluminium composite material with a lacquer system that’s optimised for direct to substrate digital printing. The surface of Dibond Digital provides enhanced ink adhesion for UV-curing and solvent based inks. The combination of both the enhanced ink adhesion and the extreme flatness of the panel make it not only possible to be printed with very fine structures and lines, but also allows increased printing speed. The thickness tolerance of only 0.2 mm allows a very small clearance between panel and the print heads

Dilite (3 Products)

Dilite - Soportes rígidos sintéticos

Dilite is a lightweight but strong aluminium composite panel with a polyethylene core. Dilite is an economic decorative panel for interior and exterior flat application and is supplied with a factory peel-off foil on both sides for protection of the coated surface.

Dilite Colours (0 Products)

Logo Dilite

Dilite is a lightweight but strong aluminium composite panel with a polyethylene core available in a range of colours.

Coala Printbond 127 Base (0 Products)

Coala Printbond 127 Base is a cost-effective Aluminium Composite Panel comprising of two 0.12 aluminium skins on a black LDPE core. Coala’s easy-peel protective liner aids easy removal prior to printing. The optimized Digital matt White surface is perfect for UV flatbed printing. Coala Printbond 127 Base is ideal for all two dimensional signage, hoarding and POS applications.