E-shop & EDI help and FAQs

Below you'll find a selection of videos and FAQs which will help you with all aspects of working with us online or via system to system (EDI) platforms.

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E-Shop FAQs

To view and download the technical data sheet simply search for the item you want and when it appears click on the Technical Specification tab. Any Data sheets or specs will be shown.

We do keep some label templates on the website. To see if the one you need is there simply click here to be taken to the templates that can be downloaded. If the one you require is not listed, please email us to let us know which label template you need and we will endeavour to send it to you shortly.

Yes, you can, simply go to the My Account menu and select invoices and payments - here you can filter and find the invoice you are looking for and simply click the download link to save a copy to your device.

After signing in, go to My Account and click on Account Information and you can amend all your details here.

Yes, you can, any product that has the cutting tool icon associated to it, is able to be converted on Antalis Online. Simply follow the on-screen instructions or watch our simple how-to video if you need further assistance.

Yes, in my account menu go to order history and select the relevant order, you will find all associated information by clicking on the POD and delivery tracking link.

Yes, Easystock can be managed online. For more information on this service please contact easystock@antalis.co.uk or watch our helpful video HERE.

Yes, simply speak to your sales contact and ask for your products to be made visible on your Antalis Online account. They will appear in the My Dedicated Products or My Contracts section, as appropriate.

EDI (System-to-System) FAQ's

If you’d like to order electronically with Antalis please email our online team at  e-business@antalis.co.uk confirming what system you have. If it is an existing system that we deal with, we will provide you with all the account information you need, along with a product and price file. You will then need to log a call with your software house asking them to set this up on your end using the information we have provided.

If you have a system that is able to collect the XML invoice files from Antalis you will need to log a call with your software house asking them to set this up on your end. You’ll also need to email e-business@antalis.co.uk letting our online team know you want this turning on so we can make sure it is activated and the invoices are created for collection.

If you want to update the pricing on your system, email our online team at  e-business@antalis.co.uk requesting an up-to-date Antalis Product Price File and we’ll send one formatted for the system you have. If you need any help loading the file, you’ll need to contact your software house. If your system is capable of auto updates log a call with your software house asking them to set this up. Then email us so we can make sure a weekly file is created for you to collect and import.

If you can’t find any Antalis items on your system please email e-business@antalis.co.uk to let us know the item that's missing. We will then send you an up-to-date Antalis Product file which includes any missing items and can be loaded onto your system.

This is usually due to a difference between how you sell the item on your system and how you buy it from us. If the pack size at your end does not match the Antalis pack size, there can be issues with electronic orders. To stop this from happening, please upload the most up-to-date Antalis Product File to make sure the pack sizes match. If you do not have the most up-to-date file to hand, please email e-business@antalis.co.uk and we will send one to you.

Sometimes, especially at busier times of the day, the order confirmation can take a few minutes to be sent to you. If you have not received anything within 15 minutes of placing the order please email e-business@antalis.co.uk and we will look into it straight away.

Please email e-business@antalis.co.uk letting us know the details and we will look into it to see if we can help.

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