At Antalis, our aim is to establish ourselves as an undisputed sustainability leader in the paper industry, by setting clear and readable standards.

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The Green Connection

The group has always worked closely with its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to combine innovation, added-value and the pursuit of environmental excellence, and supported the local sustainable development efforts of its subsidiaries.

In order to ensure that a coherent message underpins these different actions and to deliver a consistent, structured, group-wide green strategy, Antalis has developed an umbrella corporate green identity known as the “Antalis Green Connection”.  In tangible terms, this means that dedicated green communications tools such as corporate communications materials, product brochures and leaflets will carry an immediately recognisable logo, the "green stamp", when referring to green projects or initiatives.

Below you will find several Antalis undertakings which hold the green stamp and support the group's objective to lead the way in environmental responsibility.

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The Green Star System™

A simple and irreproachable system that assesses the level of eco-responsibility of paper types which takes into account the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process. It attributes a star ranking to each paper product, from zero to five stars based on its environmental performance. For even more traceability, Antalis has created Antrak, the Antalis suppliers' platform that guarantees that your product comes from a responsible supply chain.

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Our Eco-responsible Product Offering

Antalis has developed one of the broadest environmentally-friendly product offerings on the market today, comprising of products that adhere to stringent environmental credentials and are suited to all types of printing and finishing techniques.

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Multi-site FSC® and PEFC certification

In addition to our careful selection of products with a strong environmental performance, at Antalis we are attentive to the environmental credentials of the entire supply chain, with multi-site FSC® and PEFC certification in place to ensure full traceability and transparency. FSC® is one of the most trusted sustainable forest management solutions, recognised across the world. Setting the global standard, FSC® promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. Our FSC® Chain of Custody certification ensures that FSC® materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing, so customers purchasing products sold with FSC® claims can be confident that they are genuinely FSC® certified.

Green tools

As a leader in sustainability, Antalis continues to develop and promote tools to support communication of the true environmental impact of paper. Contributing to reforestation, the paper industry is one of the most eco-responsible industries. The video below corrects the myths and preconceived ideas associated with paper, unveilling and reaffirming the truths regarding the eco-responsibility and sustainability of the industry.