img-services-packaging-consul-8.jpgTake advantage of our consultancy services

Have a packaging challenge that you need to solve, or simply feel your process could be improved? Our packaging experts are here to help. With experience solving some of the most complex challenges for our customers, our packaging experts will assess your end-to-end packaging process on-site to identify areas of improvement. From this they will recommend the best packaging solutions to suit your needs and budget.


We’ve helped customers solve a whole range of challenges


Reduced costs


Efficiency improvements


Reduced carbon footprint


A more sustainable packaging solution


Better optimisation of warehouse space


Improved product protection


Optimised logistics process including delivery and returns

img-services-packaging-consul-1-2.jpgWe help you optimise your packaging processes with experienced experts who work on-site to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements

img-services-packaging-consul-2-2.jpgWe help you find the best solution for your unit load security and reduce your film consumption

img-services-packaging-consul-3-2.jpgWe recommend materials and create tailor-made packaging solutions that will reduce your impact on the environment

img-services-packaging-consul-4-2.jpgWe improve your knowledge of shipping and unit load security

img-services-packaging-consul-5-2.jpgWe provide solutions to protect your products from corrosion during storage to transit

Case study

img-services-packaging-consul-6.jpgCase study Seabrooks crisps

“The results were outstanding, and we could see real production benefits and cost efficiencies. It was clear that by investing in new equipment and switching to a superior stretch film, we would not only increase output, we could also see there were significant cost savings to be achieved.” 

Lee Burkill, Manufacturing Manager at Seabrook Crisps

earth-moving-equipment_580x280.jpg (The bulldozer moves and spreads the...Case study: A large manufacturer of earth moving equipment

The nuts and bolts of how thoughtful packaging design cut corrosion and reduced a construction machinery manufacturer’s pallets in distribution by 13,000 a year, saving them time and money