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Antalis rebrands and extends its Olin range

28 Apr 2021 —
Olin Banner Image

Antalis reinvents Olin with creative rebranding and range extension.

Antalis reinvents Olin with creative rebranding and range extension.

Developed to meet the needs of demanding print projects, delivering quality for brand owners, designers, and printers alike. Olin has long been a trusted choice for perfect print rendering and a warm, natural touch that conveys elegance and quality.

Antalis has collaborated with Dutch agency Design&Practice to redesign the Olin brand. Combining a minimalist aesthetic with geometric and architectural perspectives, the new logo, with its perfectly circular ‘O’ and cursive details, is designed to appeal to the creative community. Olin's new brand identity, with Olin Regular, Rough and Smooth now found under the name Olin Design, is the first of many exciting changes as Antalis continues to evolve and optimise the range.

Range additions

The already wide range of substrates in the Olin range has been complemented by the addition of new 300, 350 and 400gsm boards, providing additional premium uncoated options for business cards, invitations, book covers, folders and also luxury packaging. With 16 weights available for offset and digital print, Olin Design is one of the largest design paper ranges on the market.

New Olin Design inspirational tool

The new Olin Design inspirational tool, comprising beautifully printed samples in a mix of weights, highlights various demanding printing and finishing techniques from multi-level and micro-embossing to hot foil stamping and die-cutting. Developed to showcase the quality of printing and finishing possible with Olin Design, the tool, alongside the A4 sample folder also available, invites designers and printers to rediscover the appeal of Olin Design papers.


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