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Bespoke box-making service in the quantities you need

Fulfilling your urgent bespoke box needs has never been easier with our bespoke box-making service. Introduced in response to a growing demand for smaller order quantities with a fast turnaround, this service gives you access to the boxes or cardboard wraps you need in a matter of days.

As part of the service, we can offer smaller runs that are ideal for those specific items where a standard size isn’t quite right, but a fully designed bespoke service is not needed. They are also perfect for projects where materials are needed on an ad-hoc basis. 

The ability to produce shorter runs allows you to order smaller box quantities to support a limited time promotion or sale, or right-size your packaging to the items you're sending. This  means a reduction in void fill, less storage of excess packaging, and a reduced environmental impact. Right-size packaging also saves transportation costs and improves the consumer experience, as too much empty space can negatively impact a brand.

Made-to-order custom packaging can be produced in quantities from as little as 100 to 2000 units and are available from 72 hours from the receipt of an approved order. (This process may take a little longer for new customers).

Box Production Line

Custom boxes and wrap-around packaging

Wrap-around packaging and boxes are available as part of our box-making service. Similar to our standard cardboard boxes and book wraps, we can offer custom-sized wrap-around packaging and boxes, available in both single and double wall and supplied as a single piece of corrugated material. 

Wrap around boxes are easy to use, simply place the item onto the board and fold the panels around to completely wrap the product. The box can then be sealed with tape or strapping.


Want to know more about our box-making service?

For more information about our box-making services or to enquire about wrap-around packaging and corrugate boxes, please complete our enquiry form below. One of our packaging experts will be in touch to discuss your needs. 

Bespoke boxes available in a variety of styles

We currently have the below FEFCO box styles available through the service, which can be made to your size requirements.

wrap around boxes

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Pallet And Boxes

We stock an extensive range of packaging boxes including single and double wall cartons, storage boxes and pallet box solutions.

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packaging design

We design tailor-made packaging solutions to suit your individual specifications and enhance the consumer experience. Book your expert consultation by contacting our team.

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