Strapping Equipment
Strapping equipment

Pallet strapping machines

Our range of strapping equipment is ideal for applying strapping to secure a box or collation of packages. The machines allow you to fasten strapping quicker and more securely to packages and reduce the need for manual intervention. They are ergonomically designed for smooth application and have adjustable strapping tension. The strapping machines are portable to enable easy movement between packing stations.

With options ranging from hand strapping devices to table and automatic strapping machines, you can choose the right solution for your operation. All machines offer quick application, are versatile, and produce secure strapping.

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Quick and easy

Using a strapping machine allows you to secure your packages quicker and easier than manual methods, with a firm seal every time.

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Improves health and safety

An improvement in Health and safety is seen with the use of strapping machinery. Compared to manual methods, the machines have a lower physical impact on the worker and help to lower fatigue.


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Designed with adjustable strapping tension and portability to move between different packing stations, our machines are very versatile - meaning you can get the most out of your investment.


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Machine strapping is a good choice for anti-theft protection and, at the same time, secures goods on pallets to keep them stable during transit. Strapping also helps to reduce movement and damage.




Strapping Equipment


Master'In is Antalis’ own brand label designed to give you the reassurance and quality you would expect from Antalis branded products.

The Master'In range includes hand and automated strapping machines, which are perfect for securing boxes during transit; the machines offer quick application and versatility.

Strapping & Stapling

Strapping bands are available in a variety of lengths, materials, and breaking points. Our bands are designed to work perfectly with our strapping machinery.

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Our team of dedicated packaging machinery experts and engineers are available to answer any questions you have regarding your machinery, systems, and packaging automation. If you are new to automated systems and machinery or looking to improve your current solution, our experts are here to help.

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Why not take advantage of our free stretchCONSULT service? Our engineers have experience in solving some of the most complex packaging challenges including looking at ways to better optimise your film usage to save time, money and cut waste. Our dedicated Stretch Film specialist is here to advise you on the best options for your business.