Olin Origins, a new creative paper inspired by nature

Olin Origins offers elegant and sustainable paper options for all your projects.

The new range of creative papers and boards combines the refined roughness of the paper's surface, together with a subtle, soft touch, across five timeless and earthy shades.




Influenced by the elements

A comprehensive range, Olin Origins is available in 120g, 240g and 320g.

The organic shades: Chalk, Cereal, Pebble, Indigo and Lava Stone, convey a natural feel, enhancing any creative project.


Premium quality for a multitude of applications

Olin Origins’ pristine sheet formation allows perfect colour reproduction in offset while its high bulk is suited to any demanding finishing techniques such as multi-level embossing. Olin Origins is compatible with preprint and dry toner presses, and with upcoming HP Indigo® certified formats, Olin Origins can be used for a wide range of creations, ranging from stationery and annual reports to invitations and luxury packaging.


Highly sustainable, carbon neutral papers

Not only is Olin Origins manufactured from FSC® certified pulp with the highest environmental production standards, it is also Carbon Neutral certified and supports a carbon offsetting program to compensate the remaining emissions.



Committed to positive environmental and social impact

The Olin Origins range is a member of 1% for the Planet dedicating 1% of its revenue toward non-profit, environmental, organisations. Founded in 2002, this organisation operates in over 90 countries, working with associations on various fields such as food, wildlife, water and climate.