MetsäBoard Folding Box Board range

MetsäBoard offers lightweight, sustainable folding boxboards (FBBs) with a natural feel for a luxury impression. The excellent performance of these products ensures they are suitable for all types of applications and end-uses. If you are looking for packaging that efficiently enhances brands or has excellent sensory and hygienic properties we have a board grade perfect for you.

All boards are made from fresh fibres which can be traced back to their source in sustainably managed northern forests. Folding boxboard is recognised as being made from a renewable material and being recyclable, giving it an important role in the circular economy.


Better with less

MetsäBoard FBBs offer amazing performance and strength, allowing you to minimise the board weight requirement for your projects, meaning better consumer experiences with less environmental impact.



Wide range

A full spectrum of grades to suit all your needs, from products with a natural feel through to ultimate luxury with maximum whiteness and print quality. MetsäBoard Classic products combine reliable performance with excellent value for money making them ideal for fast-moving consumer goods requiring good shelf visibility whilst being safe for food use. MetsäBoard Prime products combine excellent brightness and surface smoothness to achieve world-class printing, converting and special effects making them ideal for premium high-end brands.



Diverse applications

MetsäBoard FBBs are perfect products for consumer goods packaging, which must stand out on the shelf and also protect the product throughout its lifecycle. MetsäBoard FBBs will meet all your needs for display and point-of-sale solutions requiring good strength and stiffness, and for graphical applications involving the most demanding print and special finishes. For both traditional and digital print technologies, MetsäBoard FBBs offer the perfect choice.



Strong environmental features

MetsäBoard’s products are safe throughout their lifecycle, with regard to both their manufacturing and the raw materials they contain. The traceability of the raw materials used in manufacturing is particularly important for paperboards that will be in contact with food. These products come with the assurance MetsäBoard knows the origins of all raw materials, including wood pulp and chemicals.

MetsäBoard’s products meet the strictest international standards and often surpass the requirements of local or regional legislation. MetsäBoard’s paperboards and chemicals used in their manufacture do not contain any harmful compounds.