Invercote Graphical Board - beyond expectations!

Invercote graphical boards are carefully designed to give you the optimum solutions for packaging and graphical applications. They offer outstanding aesthetic print quality, faithfully reproducing the most sophisticated printed images. Structurally, their multi-layer construction allows ultimate bulk, stiffness and convertibility for all your packaging and graphical needs. Using 100% virgin fibres assures high whiteness and stability of shade. Invercote is available as single and double-sided coated grades, with a high grammage offering through laminated boards.



Invercote offers a wide choice of board types. Invercote G, with a fully coated front and lightly coated reverse, gives a nice combination of a smooth outer and natural tactile inner. Invercote Creato offers outstanding aesthetic printing properties on both fully coated sides. The smooth surface is tailored to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printed images for all your packaging and graphical needs. For high grammage requirements, Invercote Duo is made by back-to-back pasting of Invercote G, the resultant board is especially suitable for display purposes and packaging of heavy or fragile goods.



Optimum strength and convertibility

Invercote products are designed with optimum strength and convertibility to ensure the protection of packaged products. With excellent foldability without cracking to preserve the quality of your designs.




Sustainability is at the heart of Invercote materials. Fibre comes from well managed forests owned by the Iggesund family, and products are manufactured with maximum recyclability and energy recovery. Invercote materials are available with FSC or PEFC accreditations.



Print versatility

Invercote materials are naturally suitable for offset printing and also work well in many digital printing presses on the market today.