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Invercote Paperboard - beyond expectations!

Invercote paperboards are carefully designed to give you the optimum solutions for packaging and graphical applications. They offer outstanding aesthetic print quality, faithfully reproducing the most sophisticated printed images. Structurally, their multi-layer construction allows ultimate bulk, stiffness and convertibility for all your packaging and graphical needs. Using 100% virgin fibres assures high whiteness and stability of shade. Invercote is available as single and double-sided coated grades, with a high grammage offering through laminated boards.

Invercote G and Invercote Duo


Invercote offers a wide choice of board types. Invercote G, with a fully coated front and lightly coated reverse, gives a nice combination of a smooth outer and natural tactile inner. Invercote Creato offers outstanding aesthetic printing properties on both fully coated sides. The smooth surface is tailored to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printed images for all your packaging and graphical needs. For high grammage requirements, Invercote Duo is made by back-to-back pasting of Invercote G, the resultant board is especially suitable for display purposes and packaging of heavy or fragile goods.


Durable invercote paperboards

Optimum strength and convertibility

Invercote products are designed with optimum strength and convertibility to ensure the protection of packaged products. With excellent foldability without cracking to preserve the quality of your designs.


Sustainable invercote materials


Sustainability is at the heart of Invercote materials. Fibre comes from well managed forests owned by the Iggesund family, and products are manufactured with maximum recyclability and energy recovery. Invercote materials are available with FSC® or PEFC™ accreditations.


Invercote for offset printing

Print versatility

Invercote materials are naturally suitable for offset printing and also work well in many digital printing presses on the market today.


Create premium packaging with Invercote

Using the right paperboard can make all the difference for creating impactful packaging. Invercote materials are developed for optimum foldability, printability and convertability, allowing creative freedom and enhanced brand perception.

Invercote wood fibre paperboards

Shelf appeal

Selecting a paperboard with the right whiteness level, to faithfully reproduce the colours and tones of your artworks is critical. It’s equally important that the shade of the board is maintained as exposure to the sun and UV light can cause packaging to fade. Invercote has a good and stable whiteness, due to fresh wood -free fibres and a modest amount of OBA. Invercote paperboards perform brilliantly for special finishing techniques, such as foiling and embossing, which can elevate designs for enhanced shelf appeal.

Durable Invercote paperbaords

Protection and durability

Strength, stiffness and folding endurance are extremely important characteristics for packaging. Invercote's properties are optimised to eliminate the risk of tearing and cracking, for perfect, premium results. Its superior strength and durability, compared to higher grammages of other paperboard brands, provides savings on transportation costs, with no compromise on quality.

Invercote Duo and Metalprint

Duo and Metalprint options

To further enhance the range and increase opportunity, we also offer Invercote Duo and Metalprint, each with unique qualities for enhanced creative packaging design.

Invercote Duo is made from two sheets of Invercote G laminated together; either back-to-back to give balanced, full coated surfaces or back-to-front providing one side with a tactile, uncoated differentiation. Duo perfroms exceptionally well for packaging of wines and spirits, with a grammage range from 450gsm / 520mic to 770gsm / 1010 mic.

Metalprint is ideal for adding luxury to packaging design and enhancing shelf impact. Made from high quality paperboard with a metalised PET laminate on one side, the material has a shiny, reflective appearance for sublime print effect!

Sustainable Invercote


With climate change and environmental concerns at the forefront of mind, both consumers and brands are on the lookout for more sustainable choices. When it comes to packaging, paperboard is more eco-friendly than some alternatives. Made from renewable sources, paperboards are also fully recyclable via main stream services.

Certificates and standards are a positive way to set common benchmarks, and can also be helpful in marketing products. Endorsements of  Invercote’s wood fibre source include FSC® or PEFC™ and ISO certificates include 9001, 14001, ISO 45001 and 50001.  In addition, Iggesund producers of Invercote products are endorsed by some global indexes that take a more holistic look at sustainability across the company, including EcoVadis and Achilles.