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Eska - Quality recycled paperboards with a clear promise to layflat and stayflat, even when processed into end products

Eska products offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that are sure to optimise the impact of your brand and products. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, Eska solidboards are produced from recycled fibres and are also fully recyclable, with all solidboard options offering optimal runability and boasting a strong, sturdy structure that gives a long life span and makes it easy to handle and transport.

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Eska solidboards provide remarkable stay flat properties, proven even when processed into end products. This quality, together with the high rigidity and even surface, make Eska products ideal for an array of  applications. With a choice of Eska Board, or Eska Black, we offer premium Eska solidboards for all kinds of projects. Eska Board is a three-layered solid board, made of 100% recycled fibres and available in grey or white-lined on one side. Eska Black is a deep black, 70% recycled product with a natural texture, bridging the gap between sustainability and luxury.



Our supplier Eska shares our enthusiasm for products that are manufactured as sustainably as possible. From recycled raw materials to an optimised production process, Eska works to raise the knowledge and use of sustainable processes to a higher level. Eska solidboards are produced from recycled fibres using a unique manufacturing process, with the residues from the recycling process converted into energy, which powers the production process of Eska solidboard.


Range and runability

Eska solidboard has been expertly developed and produced for high speed production machines and shows excellent runability. Eska solidboards are easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill, emboss and deboss and are suitable for screen printing and flatbed digital. Exclusively stocked by Antalis in the UK and Ireland, Eska Board and Eska Black products are available in a range of calipers and sizes to suit all your requirements.

Eska Black


The Eska products included in our range, Eska Board and Eska Black, cover all your needs for a multitude of applications. Eska Board is ideal for hard back books, ring binders, puzzles, board games and more, while Eska Black is specially developed to provide endless opportunities for luxury packaging, offering minimal environmental impact and maximum added value.