Edixion paper opens doors to print

A versatile uncoated paper ensuring efficiency and productivity for any offset and preprint applications.


The best price/quality ratio
on the market

Edixion, suited to both offset and preprint, enables you to optimise your productivity while providing a good and consistent printing quality.



Perfect for high speed printing
and very long runs

High bulk and stiffness to ensure top performance during the print run even at very high speed, while conveying an exceptional feel to the finished document. The consistent paper quality of Edixion guarantees an outstanding printability every time - whatever the run-length.



Reliable reproduction of colours

Edixion offers a consistent quality with good whiteness and regular surface to ensure reliable reproduction of colours. In addition, the high opacity guarantees the perfect quality of 2-sided print jobs even with a low grammage.



An extra-large range

With Edixion, you benefit from a very wide range of paper substances and formats.

Antalis also offers you the option of choosing between ream wrapped or bulk packed.