Recycled paper reimagined! Showcasing the possibilities of print, our Cyclus Offset notebooks demonstrate how a sustainable, luxe finish can be achieved using recycled papers.

Recycled paper reimagined! Showcasing the possibilities of print, our Cyclus Offset notebooks demonstrate how a sustainable, luxe finish can be achieved using recycled papers.

Creation of Our Cyclus Offset Notebook Collection

Teaming up with Carbon Balanced Printer, Healeys, and using our Cyclus Offset 100% recycled papers, we have created a collection of notebooks to showcase some of the incredible techniques and finishes that can be achieved.

Our intention was to produce a functional, printed piece that would showcase the high-quality print and finishing techniques achievable using recycled papers – in this case, Cyclus Offset 100% recycled papers – and foils.

Cyclus 100% recycled paper and foils

We also wanted to tell the story and environmental benefits of recycled paper. Our aim and purpose:


Cyclus notebook paper fan style

Functionality: the finished piece intended to showcase the quality of print and finishing techniques that is possible as well as being a functional item – part of the joy of paper is holding it in your hands and touching it, so we wanted to make sure it was something that could be used regularly.

Design: we wanted to devise an elegant yet organic look, the starting point for which would be the Cyclus brand imagery, which includes a paper fan. The piece would also need to include examples of full colour printing, using both portrait and landscape imagery that would show off the paper’s printability including printing of skin tones.

Innovation: the latest innovations in sustainable print and finishing techniques would be included.

Experiential: the printed piece should inspire designers and brands and give them an insight into how their customers might feel when handling a piece of beautifully finished sustainable print.

Sustainability: to ensure that all materials and processes used in the production are sustainable and that the finished piece is entirely recyclable at the end of its useful life. Selecting paper with exceptional environmental credentials and working with a Carbon Balanced Printer allowed us to minimise environmental impact.

Print substrate: Cyclus Offset 100% recycled, in a variety of weights.

Cyclus Offset carbon balanced printer

Print and finishing techniques: through printing three versions of the notebook – two litho and one digital – we intended to showcase how Cyclus performs using different printing methods and special finishing techniques.

Cyclus litho print and finishing technique

Cyclus digital print and finishing technique

The Design

Format: A5. No. of pages: Text/cover 48

The design of the notebook was inspired by the Cyclus brand imagery, which features sheets of paper rolled to create a circular fan, denoting the brand’s recycled nature. This imagery is replicated in various forms throughout the artwork; whole and segmented, on the cover and dividing pages, and in die-cut and foiled versions. The aim was to create an elegant yet organic look and feel to reinforce messaging around the quality and sustainability of Cyclus paper and the printing and finishing techniques used.

The sustainability message is central to this project, therefore three ‘Did you know’ pages and an ‘About us’ page are included to present key facts about Cyclus and the use of paper more broadly, including how Cyclus is carbon balanced as standard. The text is supported by carefully selected imagery, drawing attention not only to the information presented, but also to the quality of the printing.



The quality of Cyclus’ printability is also visible in the printing of close-up detail,  skin tones and landscapes that incorporate foreground and background detail. A variety of heavier weight Cyclus papers are used to create dividers that have the dual purpose of separating different sections of the plain notebook pages from the printed, and in drawing attention to pages that carry information.

The quality of the printing and finishing achievable using Cyclus is demonstrated by use of many techniques: a tear-out bookmark that is also foil printed, foiling, digital foiling, die-cutting, blind embossing, laser cutting and centre sewing using complementary-coloured thread. The three versions of the notebook each showcase the use of a variety of techniques, each with a unique colour palette.

Sustainability and Other Key Considerations

Carbon balanced paper, from a sustainable source and with excellent environmental credentials, was crucial for enhancing and optimising this project. Cyclus Offset, our 100% recycled, natural white uncoated paper range, proved the ideal foundation for beautiful and impactful results. As well as offering premium performance, the range has very strong eco-credentials as it is produced with zero waste to landfill, is FSC certified, and is carbon balanced as standard via World Land Trust.

Print perfection: Vicky Weatherington, Creative Papers & Specification Manager at Antalis, comments: “We wanted to produce an outstanding example of print and considered design”. By using litho, digital print with two colour, full colour and neons, the notebook demonstrates the ability to create powerful impact and portray key messages.  The design and pictures were selected to depict natural, organic and elegant landscapes and portraits highlighting Cyclus’ performance across a wide range of imagery, including skin tones.



In order to push the boundaries of production and optimise this oppotunity to showcase the possibilities of print and recycled papers, there are three versions of the notebook:  two litho printed using a Heidelberg XL75 5 colour with coater, and one digitally printed using Ricoh presses.

This acts as a great comparison between the different printing technologies. Working with our Ipswich-based print partner, Healeys, we have been able to take production a step further by adding foils, provided by Kurz, tear-out foiled bookmarks and a centre sewn using threads of complementary shades to the foiling. We also added embossing and laser cutting as final touches to the notebook design.Vicky Weatherington, Creative Papers & Specification Manager at AntalisWith regards to sustainability considerations, Vicky comments: “Print sustainability has become a paramount criterion for clients and their end users when selecting printed substrates and technologies, so the design of this notebook and careful consideration of its carbon footprint was also vital. Cyclus Offset maintains consideration for the environment and has achieved the highest possible rating via our Antalis Green Star System™. Cyclus Offset is also carbon balanced by Antalis via World Land Trust and Healeys is one of the first carbon balanced Publication Printers in the UK."

The Result

Showcasing the very best in print and finishing techniques,  check out our elegant collection of sustainable notebooks. Which is your favourite?