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Paper is an extremely versatile substrate but sometimes you need specialist solutions to deliver your requirements. Xerox Speciality Media has been optimised for specific conditions.

Paper is an extremely versatile substrate but sometimes you need specialist solutions to deliver your requirements. Xerox Speciality Media has been optimised for specific conditions.


Harsh and challenging environments


Do your customers ask for manuals, maps or menus which can withstand indoor or outdoor conditions, frequent handling, be cleanable and look just as fresh and well presented as when they left your printer? Xerox Premium Nevertear delivers exactly that and all without the need to laminate. One step, simply load and print! In addition to durable documents, you can create durable items like rulers, bookmarks, tags, tickets, running numbers and more.

The Xerox range also includes other synthetic media. DuraDocument Paper looks and prints like paper but has a tear resistant film in the middle. Xerox DuraPaper is media offering good handling and weather resistance but it also very flexible and conformable!

If you need to create labels or signage which can stick on almost anything and stay regardless of the rain, sun, wind or abrasion, look no further than Xerox Durapaper labels which do all this and even have BS5609 certification - the ultimate endorsement!

Recommended Products:

Product-1.jpgPremium NeverTear

Product-2.jpgDuraDocument Paper


Product-4.jpgDuraPaper Label

Engagement programmes

Is your client looking for customer retention and engagement programmes? Xerox Cards solutions comprise a range of printable documents with integrated membership cards. Simply print in one step, transferring variable, personalised data to both the carrier sheet and card. After distribution the final customer reads the details of the welcome letter and removes their strong and durable, membership, loyalty, promotion or identity card.

If you want to produce a piece of print to which customers truly emotionally engage, Xerox Funflip is a great solution. A multi-view, interactive origami style tool, which gets your message across, whether it be a product or service presentation or a business card.

Perhaps you need to securely deliver personal identification numbers or security codes to your clients? Xerox PinTabs allow you to do this, and will immediately show any tampering of the document that has occurred. Safety and security assured.


Polyester.jpgPolyester Membership Card



Organisational tools


Do you need to identify, address or mark objects or locations within your infrastructure or products? Xerox labels have all the possible self-adhesive label configurations you could need.

Did you ever wish you could produce folders, box-files and other document storage solutions in the quantities and with the personalisation you want? The Xerox Create range enables exactly this, simply load specially design paper sheets and insert into the pockets of various polypropylene folder and box file designs.

Need to supply bespoke wristbands for a sports event or a concert? Xerox Premium NeverTear Wrist-bands come in white or various fluorescent colours to help organise your day. Again, simply load, print and distribute. Perhaps a customer needs bespoke Luggage Tags or Door Hangers, in this case the Premium NeverTear range can help out again.

Recommended Products:

Multi-use.jpgMulti-use Labels

CD-labels.jpgCreate Boutique Bags

Colour-laser.jpgCreate Ring Binders

create-range.jpgCreate Totems

premium.jpgPremium NeverTear Wrist-bands

premium-never.jpgPremium NeverTear Luggage Tags

door.jpgPremium NeverTear Door hangers

Display and signage

Use your Xerox or dry toner device to produce eye catching signs or window graphics. Premium NeverTear adhesive films are available in white or clear, with gloss and matt finishes to suit your application.

The Create range also helps with various point of sale solutions and the extremely versatile Totems, which allow quick change graphics through printing banner size paper inserts, then locating them into the display units.

Backlit displays are no longer only possible on wide format inkjet devices. Use Premium NeverTear Backlit Film to quickly produce quality window displays on your dry toner printer.


adhesive.jpgPremium NeverTear adhesive films

create-range.jpgCreate Range


film.jpgPremium NeverTear Backlit Film

Guaranteed performance

Xerox Speciality Media have been tested and approved by Xerox laboratories to ensure trouble free running and perfect image quality. If the media is on your printer model "recommended media list" its 100% guaranteed to perform.