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Void fill and cushioning

Cushioning & void fill systems

Void fill and cushioning systems are used when packing random items that don’t fit the shipping box exactly, leaving a gap where it can move around, or protecting products that can be easily damaged.

Mobile and compact cushioning and void fill machines produce efficient and environmentally friendly product protection on-demand as it is needed. Because there is no need to store bulky foam or ready-inflated rolls of bubble wrap, they provide space-saving opportunities where space is a valuable commodity for keeping staff safe and with room to work efficiently.

Material On Demand

Create material on-demand

Where space is tight, or you are looking for machinery that will add flexibility to your workflow, our on-demand void fill and cushioning machinery offers the ideal solution. Our systems make all peaks in demand a breeze, even the unexpected ones.

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Space saving

Compact void fill and cushioning machines can fit almost anywhere in your packaging line. And, because the material is created on demand, there's no need to store bulky alternatives. For example, one A4-sized pack of paper creates the same filling as three large bags of polystyrene chips.

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Cost-saving and damage reduction

Machinery offers cost-saving opportunities through a reduction in packaging material usage, space requirements and waste. Damage rates are also cut because solutions offer consistent packaging quality and maximum protection for even the most delicate items.



Eco-friendly materials

Materials used for void fill and cushioning machines are designed for easy recycling by the end-user and include recycled content. The environmentally friendly materials available help save on warehouse and transportation space, which leads to an overall reduction in the carbon footprint.



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Ranpak machinery uses fully sustainable and 100% recyclable papers to create void fill and cushioning that is easy for the end-user to recycle in household collections - making it an ideal solution for any company with a high environmental ethos.

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Pregis Mini Pakr


Pregis machines inflate air-based void fill and cushioning on-site, saving space and costs and leading to an overall reduction in environmental impact. The machines use AirSpeed Renew Film that is 100% recyclable and made from a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content from products such as plastic bottles and other packaging.

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Sealed Air Nano Machine with films

Sealed air

Sealed air inflatable packaging solutions allow you to produce air-based void fill and cushioning on site. Inflated air pillows are much lighter than other materials and are ideal where shipping costs and weights are crucial; they are also fully recyclable.

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We stock a range of consumables for void fill and cushioning machines, to offer you the complete solution to your packaging needs. Find out more below and download our packaging essentials brochure for our most popular packaging items.

Case studies

Pink Beauty Company Products

Global beauty company

Discover how a Global beauty brand eliminated plastic from their packaging by using void fill machinery!

Global beauty company

Spanish Food Company

Spanish food company

Learn how a Spanish food company kept food cool and protected during transportation by using an innovative paper-based void fill system.

Spanish food company

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Our team of dedicated packaging machinery experts and engineers are available to answer any questions you have regarding your machinery, systems, and packaging automation. If you are new to automated systems and machinery or looking to improve your current solution, our experts are here to help.

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Why not take advantage of our free stretchCONSULT service? Our engineers have experience in solving some of the most complex packaging challenges including looking at ways to better optimise your film usage to save time, money and cut waste. Our dedicated Stretch Film specialist is here to advise you on the best options for your business.