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Carton automation can significantly improve the efficiency of your packaging process and business. If you regularly send your products out in boxes; there are many different options and levels of automation depending on your needs.

Case erectors automatically build flat-packed boxes, squaring the bottom before applying a strip of tape along the bottom of the box and a few inches up the sides. A single machine is capable of erecting between 10 and 22 cartons in a minute. Considering that the rate would take three people when building boxes by hand, this is particularly beneficial in situations where workers – or space – are in short supply. It can also free up staff to focus on more productive activities, such as packing and wrapping.  


Pair with a case sealer for extra efficiency. Like case erectors, case sealers can bring some real impetus to a packing operation, saving both time and money. Although a case sealer can be used as a stand-alone machine, optimum efficiency is achieved when used together with a case erector. As the name suggests, a case sealer seals the top and or bottom of pre-erected boxes using tape or glue. Available in semi- or fully-automatic options, there is a case sealer to suit most requirements. 

Other options for automation are Box-on-demand, where a machine will scan each delivery and cut the corrugate on demand to ensure a fit-to-size box is used. Also available are automatic height adjusting machines where a standard footprint box is cut off at the fill level, thus reducing the need for excess void fill and shipping oversized boxes. You may benefit as well from an automated case packer where products are automatically packed, leaving little room for human error.


Whether or not carton automation is right for your business depends on the number and type of boxes packed. If your business is a high-volume environment under pressure, carton automation can make a significant difference to the quality and quantity of your packaging. Helping you meet your daily targets even in the most challenging times.

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Time saving

Automatic machines offer production speeds of 10 to 22 cartons/minute - the same rate as three staff members. The machines erect the boxes squarely every time, meaning less lost time due to errors - and consistent quality for better presentation and safer stacking on pallets. The tape is also applied accurately, contributing to the finished look and stability of the packages.

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Reduce waste and costs

Consistent and accurate tape application reduces over-use and uses much less tape than manual taping. Right-size automated packaging machines mean that shipping costs are reduced significantly with the reduction in empty box space. Automated carton machines produce more secure boxes with less risk of boxes opening in transit, leading to less loss and product damage.

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Easy installation

Case automation machinery can be fitted to existing packaging lines without extensive changes. The benefits of carton automation will be felt most by high volume producers. However, when space is tight - and if staff well-being or availability is an issue; it can also offer significant advantages, to smaller operators.


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Reduce shipping damage

Unlike boxes erected by hand - which sometimes might not be square and lead to weaknesses in the carton structure - machine-erected boxes are perfectly square and sturdy. This makes them easier to stack and withstand heavier weights, reducing the likelihood of damage in transit. Also, there will be an improvement in health and safety – reducing the risk to workers of RSI and cuts.


Lantech Case Machine

Lantech case/tray erectors & case packers

Lantech produces case packers and case and tray erectors to suit every budget. The machines offer safety features for operators, automatic case adjusters, and easy tape change. The total control system means that boxes and cases are perfectly square, allowing for jam-free packing.

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Case Sealer

Case sealers

Safe, simple & easy to use, our range of fully and semi-automatic case sealers work well as stand-alone machines to save you time and reduce waste when sealing your boxes. They also perfectly complement the range of case erectors for a complete system.

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Automated Boxing


Working at up to 500 orders per hour, an on-demand system producing right-sized boxes is an ideal solution for a high-volume multi-product business. Allowing you to fulfill many different sized packages automatically, minimising your risks of a despatch backlog; while saving time and transportation costs with the right-sized boxes.

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automated box sizing

Box height reduction and lidding

Height reduction machinery produces a box that perfectly fits the contents, to deliver improved efficiency and customer unboxing experience. The machine works by sensing the fill line and cutting the corrugate to the correct height so it is the exact size for the product inside. At up to 900 cartons per hour, the machinery will save you time and reduce your transportation costs.

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We have an extensive range of corrugate boxes, tapes and glues covering a wide variety of uses and needs, including sustainable options. Find out more below and download our packaging essentials brochure for our most popular packaging items.

Case studies


Case study - online book retailer

Discover how an online book retailer experienced a 50% reduction in packaging materials with void reduction technology. Our customer also realised the return on their investment in only 15 months!

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Smart systems

Our team of dedicated packaging machinery experts and engineers are available to answer any questions you have regarding your machinery, systems, and packaging automation. If you are new to automated systems and machinery, or looking to improve your current solution, our experts are here to help.

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Why not take advantage of our free stretchCONSULT service? Our engineers have experience in solving some of the most complex packaging challenges including looking at ways to better optimise your film usage to save time, money and cut waste. Our dedicated Stretch Film specialist is here to advise you on the best options for your business.