Our new rules of the game for packaging

3 questions to THILO KONIG, Packaging Director, Antalis Group


Thilo Konig

How does CSR influence the packaging strategy at Antalis? 

Our goal is to become the world leading packaging distribution company. Sustainability is an essential part of our strategy. We are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing quantities and promoting reusable and recyclable packaging. It is our commitment as a leading company, but it is also driven by our customers’ expectations. Our objective is to provide them with innovative solutions and services to support them in their own sustainability programmes.

What are the key elements of your CSR strategy?

It all starts with purchasing. The idea is to build strong partnerships with our strategic suppliers to create innovative packaging products and equipment aligned with our vision. It is about offering green alternatives in all packaging families enriching our product portfolio. Our Antrak® platform also enables in-depth control of our suppliers' sourcing. Secondly, it is about product development. The developers working in our Product Design Centres are committed to using intelligent designs with the least possible materials without risking product protection. The 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) inspire our developers in providing our customers with more responsible cutting-edge packaging solutions. Finally, Antalis is engaged in other initiatives such as certification of our branches to quality management standards (ISO 9001), environment management standards (ISO 14001) and energy management standards (ISO 50001).

Does this vision of responsibility influence the way Antalis approaches clients?

Definitely. One of the top priorities for Antalis is to provide innovative services and tools to support its customers across the entire service chain (footprint calculator, waste management services, etc.). We offer digital and online tools to enhance our customers’ operational efficiency. Responsibility is a full package which complies with our core vision of performance.