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Case Study: Online Retailer Of Award Winning-Spanish Foods

28 May 2020 —
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How 100% paper-based thermally insulating packaging is helping a retailer of award-winning Spanish foods to keep its environmental cool.

How 100% paper-based thermally insulating packaging is helping a retailer of award-winning Spanish foods to keep its environmental cool.

Prompted by concerns around the use of plastics, particularly in packaging, the retailer approached Antalis Packaging seeking plastic-free transit packaging for its award-winning Spanish meats and food essentials.

The key criteria for any solution was that it should be able ensure consistency of temperature for at least 24 hours – the maximum journey time from warehouse to customer.

The company was keen to eliminate use of plastic altogether. As well as being better for the environment, a plastic-free solution would also be easier for customers to put the packaging into the domestic recycling stream.


The Antalis Solution

Following a visit to the client’s site by Antalis Solutions Sales Manager, Stuart Bates, Antalis proposed an entirely paper-based solution that, as well as reducing environmental impact, would provide excellent thermal insulation, be efficient to use and to store, and would improve the customer experience.


The solution included: 

WrapPak Protector – a versatile, on-demand solution by Ranpak that can convert multi-layered paper into box lining, wrapping, thermal insulation and block and bracing. Used to provide threshold times of up to 48 hours, it can cater for ambient, chilled and frozen food supply chains. 

FillPak TT – a table-top converter by Ranpak that quickly transforms single-layered Kraft paper into environmentally-friendly void fill on demand. This provided the protection necessary to ensure the safe shipping.

Kraft paper tape – environmentally friendly and water resistant, Kraft paper tape offers good protection against humidity, and is recyclable with the carton. Used in conjunction with double-walled corrugate boxes.


The Solution Tried and Tested

Extensive trials of the packaging were carried out over a period of two months. The trials involved subjecting packages to a range of conditions, including different temperatures and humidity levels.


The Benefits

100% paper-based solution aligns perfectly with the client’s drive for sustainability. As well as being environmentally friendly and easy for the end consumer to recycle, the flexibility and versatility of the WrapPak and FillPak converters means that the client is able to fulfil a range of packaging requirements.

The solution also gave a significant 25% cost saving on packaging materials compared with materials used previously.