Ecommerce solutions to make your life easier

There are many electronic solutions for direct access to Antalis' central ordering system to increase productivity.


The "online store"

You can benefit 24/7 from advanced search features to order your products and samples online, access your stock and prices in real time, manage your account, download your one-year order and billing history and easily access a lot of information about our products.

Complete integration solutions

We can also interface directly with your integrated purchasing software (EDI, XML or CSV) that produces electronic orders. Return receipts, delivery notes and invoices can also be sent to your applications. We use standard protocols (AS1/2, https, FTP, webservices).

Connecting to the Antalis Web Service

We offer many web services (XML Soap messages exchanged in HTTPS) for true system-to-system integration. Among other things, these include the ability to check inventory and prices for each item and the ability to instantly receive an order confirmation and a delivery date.

We can connect with most quote, print and CAPE software packages. These solutions can make you more productive, secure your supplies and improve their traceability. (View stock availability and directly place orders at Antalis via your own system).

Examples of supported standard messages: EDIFACT, XML, xCBLl, .CSV, papiNet XML

Examples of supported exchange protocols: SOAP, HTTPS, EDIINT AS1/AS2, Generic e-mail (POP/SMTP)