Tools & resources

You can’t be expected to know everything there is to know about paper, envelopes and labels. Fortunately our resource centre can help you confirm some of the finer details with regards to sizes, reels and sheet counts. And our label templates are a real help when you need accuracy, first time around.


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Label templates

label templates

View and download our range of label templates from Image, PCL & Xerox

Paper sizes

paper sizes

Our tables will help you choose the right paper size for your job.

Envelope sizes & specification


Technical information you may need to know about specifying envelopes.

Paper reels and sheets calculator

reals and sheets calculator

Want to know how many linear metres are in a reel or the total weight of paper sheets?

Use the link below to access our easy-to-use reels and sheets calculator tool which can help with this and much more.

Intouch Customer Portal


Our Intouch Customer Portal is designed to make your life as an Office products dealer easier. The self-serve portal contains everything from training presentations for your staff to customisable adverts, posters, and other marketing materials for everything Antalis.