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Coala Coversafe™, innovative self-adhesive film integrating revolutionary antimicrobial technology

Coala Coversafe™ ensures continuous protection against viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold, 24 hours a day and on all surfaces. Up to 99.9% of viruses eliminated!




In this challenging sanitary context, Antalis wants to provide its clients the best innovative solutions that can guarantee a safe environment and facilitate the successful continuation of their activities.

Coala Coversafe™ is a self-adhesive transparent film with outstanding antimicrobial properties that reduces the spread of viruses on surfaces due to its revolutionary patented technology incorporating mineral ceramic microspheres developed by the French company Pylote.

By exploiting the groundbreaking technological properties of mineral ceramic microspheres, Coala Coversafe™ offers 24/7 triple protection against viruses (including coronavirus 229E, seasonal flu and gastrointeritus), bacteria, yeast and molds. Thin, transparent and matt, this discreet protective self-adhesive film is completely natural and biocompatible and therefore poses no threat to contact with skin or food allowing it to be installed in an array of locations including canteen and catering areas and on a variety of surfaces.

Coala Coversafe™ guarantees continuous protection against bacteria and viruses on all kinds of surfaces such as automatic dispensers, door handles, switches, desks, handrails and counters.
It provides additional security and peace of mind for people in various types of places such as hospitals, retirement homes, shops, offices, public transport, sports centres, bars, restaurants and schools.

Tested over 4 years, this revolutionary product perpetuates stable and permanent action over time without any loss of effectiveness. Easy to maintain, Coala Coversafe™ can be cleaned with any common cleaning product (soap, bleach or disinfectant) without any kind of degradation of its antimicrobial activity. For more information, contact one of our experts.



Effortless in its installation, Coala Coversafe™ acts quickly (ex. on coronavirus 229E: 90% in 1h ;  >99.9% in 24h) and can be removed without any residue. 

Available in two formats, reels for wide surface applications and cut pieces for door handles (available to order on request), Coala Coversafe™ adapts itself to the clients every need. Choose the best format for your project and order it now.

The natural antimicrobial technology (by integration of mineral ceramic microspheres) was developed by Pylote. Gergonne Industrie is the manufacturer of the Coala Coversafe™ self-adhesive solution incorporating this technology.