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The Paris 2024 Olympic Games Visual Identity

12 May 2023 —
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The Paris 2024 Games' visual identity attempts to embody sustainable ambitions.

The Paris 2024 Games' visual identity attempts to embody sustainable ambitions.

Paris 2024 has shared its visual identity and it is worth talking about it

The Paris 2024 Games are getting ever closer! With the first tickets released and visual identity revealed, excitement and anticipation is growing. Let's explore the brand-new look and feel of the Paris 2024 Games, which endeavors to take sustainability to another level!


Over the years, each and every hosting city has strived to make its mark and go down in history; Barcelona 1992, Tokyo 1965, Stockholm 1965 - the list goes on! Today, more than ever, visual identity is about so much more than standing out, and much attention should be given to the messages to be conveyed.


The visual identity of the Olympic Games by Paris 2024 has multiple objectives:

-      To celebrate sport

-      To reflect the French sense of style and elegance

-      To be sustainable

-      To be customisable (for host cities and partners)


Designers have picked the iconic French cobblestone material to draw out their designs, resulting in highly geometrical patterns. The famous paved streets of Paris are explicitly the centrepiece of the look. With the iconic Marianne as its emblem and the Phrygian cap for the mascots, the perspective is definitely retro, representing France's tangible and intangible heritage.


But, without doubt, the most standout feature is advanced rationalisation to blend both versions of the Games: the Olympic and Paralympic events. The presentation style remains equal, with just the Olympic rings replaced by the Agitos, and specific sporting symbols replaced with other icons. Not only does it feel in line with Paris 2024's ambition of delivering more streamlined and responsible Games, it also symbolises inclusion - and that feels empowering and strong!


From the 62 pictograms to the many decorative and informational designs, the event's administrators have undoubtedly provided the public with a memorable visual identity that will contribute to making this edition a classic. Printed on eco-designed displays, the sustainability of the whole approach is commendable.


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Antalis, responsibility champions

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