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Antalis adds decorative window films to its interior decor portfolio

03 Feb 2022 —
Coala Film Etched Image

Decorate and add privacy to your windows or glass with style!

Decorate and add privacy to your windows or glass with style!

Antalis has introduced a new range of Coala films to add style and privacy to any window or glass partitioning. Coala Windows Décor is a new range of self-adhesive decorative films offered in a wide choice of original designs, harmonious colour palettes and finishes. Coala Windows Décor can be applied to all types of internal glass surface, windows and glass partitions.

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It can act as a privacy screen, but at the same time has the power to add creativity to a space. The films are suitable for indoor use only where they will enhance and personalise interior design due to the many aesthetic options available.

“Coala Windows Décor is a highly cost-effective solution for providing new perspectives on privacy, whether for a business space, an office, a shop window, retail premises, hotels or for domestic use, a shower cubicle or conservatory etc."

Mike Collins, Product Manager at Antalis 

The collection includes, Coala Windows Décor Colours, Coala Windows Décor Pattern, Coala Windows Décor Gradiation, Coala Windows Décor Etched and Coala Windows Décor Opaque. The ranges include matt or gloss finishes and colours including Dichroic rainbow in warm and cool versions.

The majority of the range is made of 100% PET, for a more environmentally friendly solution to traditional films, and is flame retardant, easy to apply and easy to maintain. The range can be carbon offset via Antalis’ schemes and their collaboration with leading and trusted carbon capture partners.

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