Architectural Films

Transform your interior spaces with these wide ranges of creative interior décor and window films. Refurbish your furniture, walls, and windows with our variety of finishes, colours, and patterns.

Personalize your environment to suit your style and add a touch of elegance with our window decoration films. Choose from several colours, etched and frosted finishes, geometric and organic shapes, and opaque light-blocks to enhance light control and privacy.

Revamp your entire interior with our range of over 470 creative effect polymeric self-adhesive vinyls, available in nine categories, including wood, fabric, leather, marble, metallic, glitter, natural stone, solid colours, and soft touch. Our Coala Interior films are heavily embossed, durable, fire-rated, and IMO certified, with air release liners for easy application and conformance.

To ensure the best results, use our interior film primers suitable for both absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces - in aqueous and solvent options.

Get ready to personalize and elevate your space with Antalis’ range of architectural films today.

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