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Pioneer searches for inspiration in these modern days, where life rushes, evolution needs to be constant and the demands are always increasing. Pioneer searches for inspiration within people that know how to pave their own way, that follow their own ideas and that know the importance of knowing how to choose.


Special inspiration

Pioneer paper is specially developed for the production of high quality coloured documents. For those who insist on that special touch for their work, even when it comes to details. Pioneer is a brand which goes with moments of inspiration in daily office life.



Distinct inspiration

Produced from the eucalyptus globulus tree, inspired by nature, Pioneer paper provides high runnability on all inkjet and laser equipment. Whether it is a simple task or an important project, everything changes when you are inspired.



Perfect inspiration

Pioneer paper is certified FSC® and comes from responsible mill production and awarded with the European Eco label. With its quality, Pioneer commits to the sustainable development and is created to meet such demand.



Outstanding inspiration

Pioneer paper comes in a range of weights and formats to suit every need. Whether it is a simple task or an important project, you can find your rightful choice.


Inspire Hope with Pioneer Papers

Since 2005 Pioneer paper continuously supports iMM Laço to promote scientific research on breast cancer to find effective cures and treatments and strive for a healthier future. By purchasing Pioneer paper everyone is contributing us closer to the solution – a cure. 

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