A complete range of leading premium papers

Navigator is the world's best-selling premium office paper, offering a complete range of paper solutions designed to provide top performance and is trusted globally. Manufactured using state-of-the-art production equipment and the highest quality fibre type to ensure optimum characteristics, the Navigator range includes high quality options to meet every need, performing consistently in all office equipment. 

A wide range of internationally renowned premium paper solutions

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High performance paper for all your needs

The Navigator range offers a multitude of options, covering all your printing needs. Whether you're seeking a multipurpose product, a paper enhanced for creative flair or the ultimate eco-conscious option, Navigator papers are sure to fulfil your needs.  Thanks to the finest raw materials and seamless production, Navigator papers meet all the key considerations, with high whiteness, optimum opacity and the best combination between stiffness and thickness for flawless performance. 


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Best in class performance

Engineered for excellent runnability, Navigator papers allow superior machine performance and jam-free printing. The paper's properties are optimised for printability, with high thickness and stiffness allowing sheets to run through equipment with ease whilst providing a bulky touch to the paper. The excellent smoothness enhances print definition while the high whiteness intensifies print contrast and superior opacity minimises show through. From 80gsm throughout the range, all our Navigator papers are coated with a special Ultra High Definition (UHD) formula to improve paper surface for smarter ink absorption and optimum print performance. 


Navigator environment imageCommitment to environmental protection and responsibly managed forests

Navigator is a range of quality papers with low environmental impact, which is FSC™ accredited and awarded with the EU Ecolabel. The Navigator Company highly prioritise responsible forestry, with biodiversity conservation also an important aspect of their forest management model.  Biodegradable, recyclable and made from a natural renewable resource planted specifically for this use, with more trees planted than those used for pulpmaking, this is a truly ecological product.

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Quality and consistency with every ream

Through innovative and sustainable production and selecting the very best raw materials to ensure exceptional quality, Navigator paper is made from Eucalyptus Globulus fibre from certified and controlled sources. The unique characteristics of these densely-packed fibres mean better porosity, opacity and paper formation, while the commitment to always using the same raw materials ensures quality consistency.