Color Copy - the perfect digital printing paper

Dive in to the unique world of vibrant colours with Color Copy. Experience brilliant colour reproduction page after page and stand out every time with this high quality and versatile paper.


The professional paper for colour laser printing

Accurate colour reproduction, a smooth surface and elegant look guarantees your printed documents stand out. Color Copy will convey your message with high quality print, every time.


Reliable paper choice

Delivering excellent print quality for over 30 years makes Color Copy the trusted paper choice. It's also CO2 neutral and certified by the most advanced sustainability certifications such as FSC(R) and European Eco Label.



Consistency of quality

Designed for colour laser printing, Color Copy offers a trouble free experience by skillfully transferring colours on to the paper surface. The Color Copy Original paper has been enhanced with the addition of ColorLok(R) technology to give a more intense colour, bolder blacks and a faster drying time when used on inkjet printers.


Wide range

Color Copy is available in a wide range of formats and weights. Suitable for diverse applications such as printing of brochures, business cards, presentations, marketing collateral and much more.