Premium Digital Carbonless

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Premium Digital Carbonless Paper has been specifically designed for use in copiers and laser printers from high speed to desk top, from mono to colour. You can create multi-part business forms on demand from your printer, eliminating the need for high set up costs or inventorie

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Xerox® Create Range Digital Packaging Templates

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The Xerox Create range allows you to digitally print bespoke and personalised items, such as boutique bags, mouse mats, folders and more. This is done by using pre-converted sheets of Xerox Colour Impressions and inserting them into recyclable polypropylene based bodies. The finished product can be used to support events, exhibitions and other business activities. One of the main benefits of these products is that each one can be re-used over and over again, by simply changing the cover. Document storage solutions can also be found within the range.

 A4 Landscape Flat Folder Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • 30cm Ruler Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Name Plate Display Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 Letter File Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Bottle Gift Bag Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • Double A4 Display Unit Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Boutique Bag - Small Templates - .pdf. and .eps

  • A4 Leaflet Dispenser Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Boutique Bag - Large Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 Tuff Binder Full Pocket 4 x 25mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Mouse Mat Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A3 Counter Mat Templates - .pdf and .eps

• A4 Flat Folder Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 Coil/Wiro Cover Templates - .pdf and .eps

• Frosted Magazine File Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 Ring Binder 2 x 40mm D Ring Template - .pdf and .eps A and .eps B

• A4 File Box 40mm Capacity Templates -  .pdf and .eps

  • A5 Binder 2 x 35mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps

• A4 File Box 20mm Capacity Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 Tuff Binder A4 Pocket 4 x 25mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps

• A4 Ring Binder 4 x 11mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps

  • A4 X File Ring Binder 4 x 25mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps

• A4 Binder 4 x 25mm D Ring Templates - .pdf and .eps


• Boutique Bag - Extra Small Templates -  .pdf and .eps


• Square Coaster Templates - .pdf and .eps