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Packaging Papers and Boards Solutions

Antalis offers a wide range of packaging paper and cardboard, perfect for packaging, covering and separating products, with environmental options available to help improve your environmental credentials. 

Our packaging papers include a wide range of products from pure and imitation kraft paper to waxed kraft paper and tissue paper. Also including anti-corrosion papers to protect products from rust and damage.

Packaging papers and boards are ideal for wrapping, separating and covering your products to protect them from dirt, moisture and damage during transit and storage. They offer a costs effective packaging solution for a whole range of products including glassware, bottles, textiles, pipes, automotive parts, and more. Whether you are looking for a form of wrapping, surface protection, outer packaging, interleaving, interlayering or lining, there is a packaging paper or board to suit.

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A complete range

Antalis offers packaging paper and cardboard for a wide range of products and applications.

Ecological solutions

Antalis supports you in your environmental policy by presenting environmentally friendly and recyclable paper and cardboard.

A wide choice of materials

With our wide selection of products, you will find the paper solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Cost effective solutions

We can help optimise your packaging costs with paper and cardboard that can be adapted to suit different applications and budgets.

Some of our solutions to improve your packaging


Advice on environmentally-friendly solutions

As well as offering environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we appreciate every country has different legal regulations to be observed. Antalis can support your efforts across different organisations and help you to make the right choice.


Advice on Packaging Process Optimisations

We help you opitmise your costs and packaging process efficiency