The Green Star System™ for papers

The sheer number of eco-responsible labels placed on products can be confusing – and knowing at-a-glance what is ‘green’ and what isn’t can be difficult. Antalis is here to help with that.

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The Green Star System, a simple way to assess the eco-responsibility of your products

Using a universally recognised system to rank services and products, we have created the Green Star System to be easily understood by a non-technical audience. The Green Star System rating is based on the vital information on the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process, giving each product a star rating from zero to five based on environmental performance. It does this in such a way that it speaks to a technical audience, but simplifies the information in a rating system that can be understood by all audiences. The star ratings themselves are self-explanatory and can be easily used by companies to communicate about their environmental efforts with various stakeholders without any potential misunderstanding.

The more stars a paper has, the more eco-responsible the paper is!


This video explains how the system works…