Eco Labels - Sustainable Labelling Guide

Green labels exist to support your end-users in understanding the eco-credentials of the products they buy and the impact they have on the environment. However, fully understanding their use and what they mean can be tricky – below is an overview to help.



FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. FSC® defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest stewardship that are supported by environmental, social, and economic stakeholders.


PEFC ™  (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

PEFC™ certification guarantees that the paper you are using is made from pulp produced exclusively from sustainably managed forests, in compliance with practices compatible with protection of forest resources and the economic and social welfare of the populations concerned.


PCF (Process Chlorine Free)

Paper made without the use of chlorine in the recycled bleaching process.


EU Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a European certification managed by the European Commission with independent and impartial organisations responsible for implementing at national level. The EU Ecolabel guarantees a very low environmental impact in the manufacturing of paper through low air and water emissions, reduced consumption of electricity, improved waste recovery and preventive measures with regards to human health.

Cradle to Cradle certified logo

Cradle to Cradle (C2C certified)

Cradle to Cradle is a global standard that applies to products made for the circular economy. Cradle to Cradle Certified is a respected trademark which is based on the 5 requirement categories: material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewardship, and social fairness.