Employee-Centred Strategy

In compliance with the Antalis Group’s commitment to excellence, we continuously strive for a strong and empowering employee-centred culture, designed to support employees as individuals.


employee strategy

Employee Empowerment

As a global sectorial leader, we are at the forefront of change. Every employee must be able to confidently adapt to workplace evolutions and the emerging needs of our customers and end-users. To this end, we have processes to encourage personal development, collaboration and communication and also gain feedback from employees on where we can improve as an employer. Our HR strategy is focused on each individual employee to help them grow and succeed.


Developing Key Skills to Boost Competitiveness

In 2016, our in-house training platform, WeConnect, significantly boosted key skills, together with initiatives such as the Leadership Programme, Sales Academy and Project Management Programme. Online training for employees, associated with in situ development, is a powerful tool for an organisation operating in 43 countries. It enables true coherence and consistency, and rapid deployment. The increase in resources for this strategy clearly demonstrates that it is a priority. The most popular programmes in 2016 included Purchasing Academy, Management Essentials and the introductory Health and Security module.


Well-Being at Work Starts with Dialogue

The latest MyView employee survey was conducted in 2015. Giving our employees the means to express their views and share their working experience is essential to identify potential weaknesses and key success factors. The results highlight a very valuable asset for our organisation: strong awareness of values and behaviours, with 90% positive answers (+ 5% since 2013). This confirms that our sustained efforts to create a global corporate culture are paying off. 85% of employees believe that Antalis respects diversity in the workplace, and 70% stated that the organisation provides an open climate. Career progression was seen as an issue where there is room for improvement (42% disagree that career prospects are good within Antalis). This data enables us to develop plans such as promoting available career opportunities and encouraging open and meaningful discussion between line managers and employees.


Diversity is Strength

For us, diversity has a positive effect on business performance. Some challenges still lay ahead, notably the balance of women in leadership positions. It is essential since equality of opportunities makes Antalis a more attractive brand for current and future employees and clients.