Antrak®: The Antalis sustainable supply chain

Discover how our dedicated system strengthens traceability and responsibility within our supply chain.



Critical supplier sustainability information gathered in a single platform

By collating exhaustive information on our suppliers’ global Corporate Social Responsibility, their products regulatory compliance data (including full traceability), and associated manufacturing site certifications, Antrak® puts Antalis at the forefront of sustainable supply chain management and promotes confidence in our customers of the sustainability credentials of what they order from us.

Antrak®: harmonised and exhaustive supply chain data in a single framework 

By collecting, centralising and assessing comprehensive information on supply chain traceability, Antalis is not only in a position to provide its customers with robust CSR credentials; it also facilitates strong, transparent relationships with suppliers. They, in turn, benefit from the platform by having the opportunity to gather together information that is often scattered across their organisation. Antalis is the only merchant of its kind to have implemented such a complete socio-environmental data collection and tracking platform.

The information gathered is then verified for coherence and a 'due dilligence integrated module' identifies any potential risk linked to a supplier (from the tree species used in the product to the country of origin). An internal committee can then take any action to mitigate and correct any identified risks.

Antrak® in details

In addition to general business and contact information, suppliers are asked to complete a questionnaire providing exhaustive information on:

  • Global CSR information
    CSR reports, collective agreements, implementation of environmental standards, business ethics measures, work security, equal opportunities, respect for human rights and working conditions.
  • Product regulatory conformity
    Compliance with the EU Timber Regulations (tree species used in paper manufacturing and country of origin), EU REACH Directive, FSC® and PEFC standards (in paper manufacturing and country of origin), food contact regulation, waste directives… as well as environmental product characteristics such as the percentage of recycled fibres used. Certifications attesting to compliance must be provided.
  • Production site data
    A wide range of information is gathered that is site-specific, including but not limited to ISO certifications, permit expiration dates and on-site accident rates / Health & Safety records.