Corporate social responsibility strategy

Our CSR strategy embraces our commitment to reducing our impacts on the environment.

Our determination to conform to all regulatory requirements and our ambition to generate more value through the development of our teams, services and productions while anticipating market trends.

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Translating Our CSR Strategy into Actions

Building our CSR Strategy on Global Standards

We have developed our CSR strategy on key issues defined by the Global Compact principles and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our contribution to the SDGs includes: life and land, responsible consumption and production, climate action, industry innovation and infrastructure, decent work and economic growth, gender equality and partnerships. To formalise our CSR strategy, we have adopted the ISO 26000 framework. This international standard encourages businesses to consider several core subjects in the definition of their strategies. We also comply with the “Second Grenelle Act“, a French text of law which requires that companies on the French stock market incorporate information on the social and environmental consequences of their activities as well as their societal commitments for sustainable development.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

To positively transform the way we operate, our CSR strategy is co-defined by the Group’s central CSR division and other key departments (HR, Procurement, Marketing, Legal, etc.). The CSR function is represented in the executive committees, the highest level of Group decision-making. We also have designated CSR representatives in each region creating strong bridges between each local activity and the Group. This enables the sharing of best practices and the identification of issues or opportunities. This dynamic network facilitates a thriving and operational-minded CSR policy. Reporting is also a key platform for positive change translating our commitment to accountability and transparency but also acting as a powerful communication tool for larger transformation.

Matthew Botfield, CSR Manager, Antalis UK & IE

Matthew_Botfield_250x250.jpg"My role is to bring Antalis into a more sustainable mind-set, to spread the word about sustainability.

The true test of a responsible company is when all functions and departments are thinking about making a positive impact on their community and are capable of minimising their own negative impacts. I work with other functional areas to bring about the needed improvements in social and environmental performance.

Keeping up to date with the CSR agenda requires frequent engagement with customers, industry, NGOs, government and social enterprises. I capture the valuable information about emerging social and environmental issues, to identify ahead of time the risks or opportunities that may not be relevant in the near future, but will be in the medium to long term and then cut through the detail to provide a succinct proposition to Antalis’ decision makers."