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DRYTAC® – large format graphics

Manufactured in the UK and Canada, Drytac’s unique adhesive science creates large format display materials that deliver outstanding results. Available in a wide range of finishes, textures and sizes, Drytac products are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, such as signage, point of sale, promotional displays, floor graphics and window graphics.

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A range of specialist printable vinyls suitable for printing on eco-solvent, latex and UV print technologies.

  • DRYTAC® Polar™

A range of digitally printable PVC films to cover all signage, display and wrapping applications.

  • DRYTAC® SpotOn™

Polyester film with specialised adhesive for easy air-free application onto flat surfaces.


CHALKMATE™ PVC film with chalkboard finish. Can be used with standard chalk and installed on most smooth surfaces.

  • RETAC®

PVC adhesive films with specialised adhesives enabling graphics to be easily repositioned, re-used and removed.


PVC film designed to adhere to a range of sealed ScuffGuard floor surfaces. Forms a matched warrantied system with Drytac Emerytex and anti-slip laminates.


A variety of adhesive-free PET films and polyester films with permanent or removable adhesive.

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A range of laminating films for providing protection to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Short term 

For promotional graphics: A range of laminates that offer a cost effective solution to the finishing of short term graphics. Drytac product(s): Dynamic

  • Medium term  

For display graphics: Laminates with added UV inhibitors designed to add protection and finishing to medium-term internal and external graphics. Drytac product(s): Protac™ UV, Interlam™ Pro

  • Long term

For external graphics with additional UV protection: Durable laminates designed with hard wearing face films, external grade adhesives and extra UV inhibitors. Perfect for applications where longevity is key. Drytac product(s): Weathershield®, Polar Cast



Exhibition - pop-up and roll-up graphics

Textured films for internal and external POP and POS Displays. These films will protect from abrasion and offer a non-reflective surface ideal for exhibition displays. Drytac product(s): Interlam™ Pro Emerytex® UV, Weathershield® Emerytex®, Protac™ ScuffGuard.

Eco-recyclable films

Environmentally friendly films designed for short term POS displays and graphics. Can be recycled and disposed of through standard waste disposal means, providing excellent cost savings. Drytac product(s): Interlam™ Eco™, Interlam™ Bio™, Interlam™ Castex

Specialist application

Dry Wipe/Floor graphics/Anti-Scratch/Anti-Graffiti/Chalkboard A variety of films designed to offer solutions for bespoke applications. Creates the perfect surface for writing, protects against graffiti and scratching and provides other specialist finishes.

Drytac product(s): Protac™ Scribe, Protac™ Anti-Scratch Matte UV HCW, Protac™ Anti-Graffiti UV HCW, Protac™ Ultra Gloss UV, Protac™ High Gloss UV, Protac™ Canvastex, Protac™ Linentex UV, Protac™ Sheentex™, Protac™ Steel, Interlam™ Pro Leather UV, Wipeout

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Double-sided adhesives that offer solutions for the mounting of graphics onto a variety of surfaces.

Standard double sided

Permanent or removable mounting of graphics and photographic prints onto sheets and boards.

Drytac product(s): MediaTac™

Optically clear

Face Mount graphics onto clear substrates.

Drytac product(s): Facemount®, Optitac™