C3 Imaging chooses Drytac to support photographic exhibition of rare Welsh mountain goats

C3 Imaging chooses Drytac to support photographic exhibition of rare Welsh mountain goats

When looking for a material suitable for mountain photographs taken by one of their staff members for an exhibition, C3 Imaging in Liverpool spoke to their Antalis representative, Joe Kennedy, for advice.


The 15 A1-size photographs were taken by Stuart Hill who is a keen photographer and works as a printer at C3 Imaging in Liverpool.  After a chance meeting with John Horrigan, a naturalist who wants to raise awareness of the plight of the rare and ancient breed of Welsh mountain goats who live in the Dinorwig quarry, Stuart embarked on a project to capture these beautiful animals in their habitat.  The goats, which have lived in the Snowdonia mountain range since around 4500BC, have been under threat from hunting, something which John and Stuart are keen to put a stop to.  This fuelled the idea of creating an exhibition of Stuart’s photographs at the Electric Mountain visitor centre, which sits below the mountains in Snowdonia where the goats roam.


Supporting Stuart in his project, C3 Imaging agreed to print the photographs free of charge, while Antalis recommended and donated boards for the photographs to be mounted onto.

C3 Image Wall 1

C3 Image Wall 2

The Solution

DIBOND® Digital was selected for its high level of flatness, strength and rigidity while also being lightweight.  It is an aluminium composite material with a special PU lacquer system for high quality direct to substrate printing.  In this instance, however, the sheet was chosen for its suitability as a mounting board and superior A1mg alloy, ideal for CNC cutting to shape, assuring a quality finish.

The Technique

Print: C3 Imaging printed the A1 images onto a satin photo paper using their HP DesignJet Z6200 Photo Production printer.  The images were laminated with Drytac Emerytex laminate before being mounted onto the Dibond using Drytac MediaTac.


The DIBOND® Digital was cut to shape using a Zund XL3200 cutter.


Tip: Martin Lloyd comments, “All composite aluminium boards are not equal. This panel [DIBOND® Digital] is far superior to cheaper ACM and hoarding boards and is perfect for high quality print and finishing”.

Dibond C3 Imaging

The Result

C3 Imaging were delighted with the finished result.  Stuart Hill’s exhibition - Welsh Mountain Goats of Dinorwig Quarry – can be seen at Electric Mountain, the First Hydro Company's Visitor centre in Llanberis visitor centre until 28th May 2018.

Product Information

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